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HandHeldSound specializes in sample libraries and Virtual Instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler and other formats as well.

Our debut library was FlyingHand Percussion which made quite a buzz in the industry with many unique features never before seen in a Percussion library.
It also was the winner of Electronic Musician’s Editors Choice Award for Best Sound Library.

The focus at HandHeldSound is producing deep sampled instruments that play and respond with pure authenticity. Our virtual instruments give you the ability to express your music with unmatched realism!

All our sampled instruments rely on a vast array of multi-sampled articulations,  microphone perspectives, and powered by custom performance scripts to bring them to life.

How do I purchase your products?

Every product in our catalog has a dedicated page on this site with detailed information about features, tutorials, audio demos, and purchasing options.

As our catalog grows we will introduce more buying options including special bundles. If you want to receive special offers, be sure to join our Mailing List

Do you sell physical packaged products?

We used to, but currently we don’t. All our products are sold as digital downloads. Once purchased, you will be provided with a secured  link to download your product.

What is your refund policy?

For all questions regarding our policies, license agreement, refunds etc., please refer to the End-User License Agreement (EULA), which is available to download from this page.

Currently, all of our products are delivered via direct digital downloads.

Therefore, purchasing a product from us requires a valid Email address!

Upon a successful purchase, a secured download link is sent to your Email address.

Downloading our products

After a successful purchase, you will receive an Email with download instructions.

It’s important that your Email address is entered correctly. Our server uses that address to initiate product links and confirmations of downloads.

Our products use the Pulse Downloader application. If you haven’t installed the application you can do so following the link in your confirmation Email. Our products are big in size and using ‘Pulse‘ speeds up the download and makes sure that it is done without file corruption.


Our libraries do not require a special installation procedure. After the compressed files are downloaded, our Downloader application can automatically extract the files for you.
There is no other installation necessary. The instruments can be loaded to Kontakt using its internal file browser or via drag and drop.

Currently HandHeldSound develops instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt.
It is currently our primary sampling authoring tool.
Due to Konakt’s extensive scripting capabilities, it really helps us develop even more realistic and playable sounds than ever before!

We are considering expanding to other formats as well. Please check the instruments page to see when other formats are available.

HandHeldSound is known for its premium multi-sampled libraries and instruments. This is where our focus has been so far.

We are planning to incorporate loops as well, based on our award-winning instruments.

Yes we do!

The best way to receive offers is to join our mailing list.
We only use our mailing list for product related purposes and we keep your info super private.
Sign up at the footer of this page, or here .


We offer 50% academic discount for teachers and students. We also offer site licenses for institutions.

Please use our contact page to get in touch with us and send us more information.

As of now, all our products require a full version of Kontakt.

This is actually a great advantage to you since the full version of Kontakt allows extensive editing features and user control that are not available with the free Kontakt Player.

Do you ever update your products?

All our products go through rigid testing prior to release. Any maintenance updates to a product are provided as necessary and all registered users can download them free of charge.

What about upgrades?

An upgrade means that new features and functionality have been added to a product. When this occurs, then all registered users are offered an upgrade option to the latest version.

FlyHandPerc-yellow-mediumOwners of FlyingHand Percussion can upgrade to version 1.5 for $19.95.
If you have purchased FHP on or after January 1st 2013, you qualify for a FREE upgrade.

To qualify for an upgrade, please provide us with a sensible proof of purchase of your original FlyingHand Percussion library.
FlyingHand Percussion was originally sold under exclusive worldwide distribution from SONiVOX, which means our users database is incomplete. Because of this, initial proof of purchase will be handled manually per request.

Please use our contact page to send us an Email with attachments of your proof of purchase:

Provide us with the following:

  • First and Last name.
  • Specify whether your purchase was retail or download.


And choose two of the following:

  • Purchase receipt and/or Email confirmation.
  • Date and place of purchase.
  • Digital Photo of your packaging and/or DVD’s.
At HandHeldSound we use a secured cloud server download system for all our products. Every purchase utilizes a watermarking system with unique information specific to each user.

User Support

When you purchase a product from us you can count on first-class support. Please use our support Email for any question about using our products. Please be sure to refer to our user manuals – we spend time on them and we know they are as fun to read as they are thorough and informative 🙂

Pre-Purchase Support

Please feel free to contact us about anything regarding our products, future releases, and if you just want to say hi. We love talking to friends and colleagues and we like to collaborate too!
Here are links to most current manuals to all our products:

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