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These are high quality instrument libraries that we are giving away. Freebies Currently includes: Table Drum, PianoBoom, Claps’n’Stomps, Tin Can, MiniNaal, and Metal Skewer & Cabasa.

Free Hi-End scripted instruments

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All instruments feature a custom GUI and script with flexible features.

Legato Drumming™

Realtime replication of live performance sonic nuance and instrument control.

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the instruments

Our Freebie instruments feature similar hi-quality samples and programming philosophy found in our commercial releases. All instruments feature custom scripts, intuitive user interface, and premium features like round robins, plenty of articulations and velocity layers, release samples and more.

Mini Naal.
Raw ethnic Tabla-like sounds

Mini Naal is based on an instrument taken from our award-winning FlyingHand Percussion library. This free version includes several essential articulations and one microphone position taken from its big sister.

The Naal is an Indian Percussion instrument which is considered to be the folk relative of the Tabla. It is a barrel-shaped drum with a Treble and Bass sides. The playing technique and tones resemble the Tabla but with a more robust and raw character.

Piano drones impacts and fx

PianoBoom is what happens when playing the Piano strings with a gong mallet. This beautiful Yamaha Grand Piano was stripped from its lid and played with huge Gong mallets to produce tones from deep cluster impacts to resonant drones.

The entire range of the Piano was sampled including a variety of articulations carefully mapped based on playing style. The instrument includes extensive use of the sustain Pedal to create drones, pings, clunks, and…well…Booms!

Table Drum.
Deep resonant Frame Drum tones

Table Drum is technically a frame drum made into a table top supported by legs and wheels. At 40” in diameter it has deep resonant tones you’d expect from a frame drum this size with the added tonality of an instrument that is truly suspended for full sustain and impact.

Recorded in a scoring stage, the instrument features 2 microphone positions, lots of articulations and 2 playing modes for full resonant sustain, and muffled (yeah we threw a blanket on it).

Small group stomping & clapping

Claps’n’Stomps simulates a small group stomping and clapping. This began as an experiment in the scoring stage. We marked 3 positions for stage left, center, and right, and we then recorded multi velocity stomps and claps in each position.

Each position was mapped so that playing notes in unison simulates multiple people stomping or clapping (or both together..don’t try it in real life. It looks kind of weird).

Tin Can.
Play it like a Dumbek

Tin Can includes typical hand drum playing style.

Very bright and with no sustain at all. Works well in fast Darbuka-like patterns.

Metal Skewer & Cabasa.
All your ‘tsiki tsaka’ are here

Metal Skewer and Cabasa in a scoring stage…an odd combination but works quite well for creating rhythmic and clicky patterns. With several articulations, multi velocities, round robins, and a step sequencer…

ALL your “Tsiki Tsiki Tiki Taka” are belong to us!

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Kontakt is the industry standard sampler and virtual instrument platform.

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Our products are compatible with both PCs and Macs. For a detailed specifications and minimum requirements to run Kontakt please refer to Native Instruments’ Kontakt page.

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