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The ability to transform every nuance of a sound to an elegant and powerful instrument involves a multitude of steps in production. Selecting the instruments, the recording concept, the painstaking editing and processing, the custom scripting and implementation...They all combine into unique and expressively responsive virtual instruments.

HandheldSound develops sample libraries and virtual instruments for Native Instruments’ Kontakt sampler. Kontakt is the industry standard sampler and virtual instrument platform.

Our instruments feature custom scripts and innovative design for exceptional realistic playback and production.

We use a secured cloud server download system for all our products including a Watermarking technology that authenticates every purchase.
Each product is automatically watermarked after purchase.

Please, do not share our products! It is illegal and will result in prompt action from us.

We are here for you!
If you have any question, comment, or suggestion about our instruments let us know.

All our instruments include a detailed user’s manual and we also have a growing FAQs section

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