We have developed a totally new concept with instrument positioning. Unlike panning, the positioner is a spatial tool which relies on the acoustic properties of the recording space. Our upcoming Scoring libraries were all recorded in a beautiful scoring room and with the integrated Acoustic Positioner tool you can effectively move instruments around the stage to better fit your production, especially when producing a sound of an ensemble and using a variety of instruments from different libraries.

Acoustic Positioner offers true positioning capabilities without relying on convolution or panning tricks. The engine is based on specific microphone arrays and placement that allowed us to create a comprehensive time and phase matrix that is entirely sample-based. There are no gimmicks and no simulation. You are actually moving the instrument around the stage smoothly with virtually no extra CPU usage!

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  1. The Acoustic Positioner is amazing. Congratulations, as I have never seen or heard anything like it before. True genius.

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