Hi there!

After almost a year in the making our new site is live! These are new times at HandHeldSound. Times to show you all we’ve been working on. And we’ve been working a lot…almost nonstop, to bring you new innovative sampling tools that will brighten your workflow, keep you creative, and most of all – help you create the music you hear in your head!!

Our Future Blog will be filled with details about our technology, workflow stories, examples, thoughts, and comments about our work. We intend to document our work as we produce new libraries and tools and share a secret or two.

Stay tuned!

Eitan Teomi

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  1. I just came across your ad, and have looked at your videos. I am excited to try your products, your approach is really inspirational. I agree that the extremes of dynamics are where sampling often falls over, particularly for me, the quiet end.
    As soon as I can I will buy your MAD and percussion libraries. Good sounds, great playability, hi fidelity, what more could I ask for?

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