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the highlights

MAD – RockScore expands the MAD collection with a library designed to easily blend within Orchestral or Hybrid Scores. We recorded 3 iconic drum kits in a large scoring room and developed a unique set of features for maximum control over tonal balance and ambience.

It’s now possible to fully control how the direct sound interacts with the room, making the drums easily fit any arrangement. With so much control over signal flow, the sound can be dramatically shaped without compromising the drums’ unprocessed raw character.

Iconic and vintage Rock drum kits

We picked vintage and well sought after drums and antique cymbals.
These drum kits feature a heavyweight sound with lots of sustain that redefines what ‘bigger than life’ sounds like!

Extended microphone blending

Recording in a big scoring room was just the beginning.
We developed an expanded mixing engine that goes beyond traditional signal flow with total control over microphone bleed.
The size and impact of the room sound can be easily controlled to fit
any size ensemble.

Dynamic Expression

MAD RockScore features a wide dynamic range that retains all the nuances you'd expect from percussion instruments. This allows for customization of velocity curves to fit your playing style and the ability for real-time crescendo/diminuendo performances using the new Velocity Offset feature.

New level of playability

The drums feature extended articulations including extensive left/right hand samples. Our symmetrical MIDI note mapping makes it easy to play and quickly create realistic patterns.
With our acclaimed Hi-Hat engine, velocity shaping tools, and along with legato Snare grace notes and multi-sampled Cymbal chokes, you have immediate access to every bit of nuance.

Flexible in any production

MAD RockScore brings total control over signal flow and therefore can fit nicely with non Orchestral genres as well.
With total control over room sound and microphone bleed, you are in control of the raw sound and tonal balance for your arrangement.

Dedicated Groove Engine

Includes over 500 grooves systematically organized with Core patterns and respective Alternates and Fills. All grooves can be dropped to your DAW as 2 bar MIDI clips.

the instruments

Imagine a classic Drum sound that’s wrapped around the Orchestra and fills the score with
impact and a thick stereo image…

Each of the 3 kits feature a similar signal path while having a distinct sonic signature. The spot microphone channels are expanded with a comprehensive mic bleed matrix and stereo Room and Outriggers microphone perspectives.

The result is a dynamic drums tone that will fit any size score!


Ludwig butcher block wrap finish, 1972

Haze / Haze Brooms

WFL marine pearl wrap,
late 1950’s


Mayer Bros. Drums champagne sparkle lacquer finish, 2003


Cymbals are shared between the kits.



MAD RockScore is hands-down the best sampled drumkit library I've used. It's earned a permenent place in my scoring template across all of my projects!
What makes it stand out is its intense dynamicism, responsiveness, and playability. These kits play more like instruments than any other kits I've used.

I've used it for everything from big orchestral action cues to metal to pop.

HandheldSound has done it it again!
MAD RockScore is an immaculately sampled and deeply nuanced drum set library that makes creating/performing beautiful, realistic drum parts a breeze. The intuitive interface has lots of flexibility and control including extensive mic options to fit any sonic environment.

RockScore is finding a permanent spot in my writing template.

features & tech

Mad RockScore aims to be an impactful companion to Orchestral arrangements and hybrid epic soundtracks.

Recording sessions were held in a large scoring room using an elaborate microphone array that combines intimate focus with space and room reflections. The library maintains an open mixing architecture so you’re given an opportunity to shape each kit with full control over microphone blending, extensive mic bleed control, and 2 unique scoring stage perspectives.

Combining this approach with our obsession about a wide dynamic range and extended articulations, these drums become uniquely expressive and will energize any arrangement.

Lush Scoring Stage Sound.
Total control over room ambience

Experience a striking cinematic sound with every bit of of detail and ultimate control.

Expanding a complete spot microphone array and a stereo overheads configuration, we’ve added two additional perspectives: a Stereo Room and Stereo Outriggers. These add width and space to the drums making them very suitable to fit in a Scoring mix.

Every aspect of the room ambience can be tailored by having full control over the signal flow and utilizing the custom mic bleed matrix.

Extensive Playability.
Easy and responsive

As with our other libraries, the emphasis was on capturing an ultra wide dynamic range, virtually noiseless samples, and clear definition across all dynamic layers.

The library features 4 round robin alternates and up to 14 dynamic layers with dedicated Left/Right hand samples for Snare, Toms, and Hi-Hat.

Our acclaimed Hi-Hat engine features extended articulations including 6 degrees of close-to-open modulation. The automatic foot stomp and variable attack make for ultra realistic Hi-Hat action.

Additionally, we have customized the voice stacking to simulate the natural resonance buildup that occurs after repeated hits without letting it chew up your headroom!

And finally, we used release samples and articulation crossfading on various cymbal articulations to bring out the realism of chokes, rolls, and transitions between different hi-hat articulations.

And finally, our expanded custom script enhances the performance while keeping things immediate and very easy to use.

Superior mixing.
From intimate to IMMENSE

The Mixer is the most involved aspect of the interface.

Moving further away from traditional mixing, we designed the mixer engine to offer a non traditional control over signal flow.

  • The Room and Outriggers microphone perspectives can work as auxiliary returns – so now you can add any combination of actual room ambience to specific spot channels!

  • we built a comprehensive microphone bleed matrix.
    This is an often overlooked concept, which allows you to combine signals in a variety of ways and add variety and nuance to the raw sound of the drums.

  • Each mixer channel can be bussed to your DAW for independent mixing.

Core patterns, alternates, and fills

The Groove engine is where you can quickly audition rhythmic ideas and use them in your DAW as building blocks or as is. MAD RockScore comes with over 500 Rock and Cinematic Core grooves. Each Core Groove has 5 alternate patterns and 5 fill-ins.

Alts and Fills go from subtle to extreme while retaining the context of their respective core grooves. The grooves are un-quantized to maintain the original drummer’s feel and can be dragged to your DAW as standard MIDI clips.

video & audio

requirements & info


This is a downloadable product. We use a secured cloud server download system for all our products. You must use a valid Email address in order to purchase and download our products.

Native Instruments Kontakt Format

This product requires a full retail version of Kontakt version 5.5 and up. This product will not work with the free Kontakt Player!
Kontakt is the industry standard sampler and virtual instrument platform.


Our products utilize Watermarking technology that authenticates all purchases. Each product is automatically watermarked per user.
Please, do not share our products! It is illegal and will result in prompt action from us.

PC & Mac compatible

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Free Maintenance Updates

Any maintenance updates we release are totally free for existing users! Maintenance updates are announced via email.

Current Version

Version 1.0 is the current version available.
If you haven’t received an Email from us regarding an update, please contact us.


mad rockscore

Rock Your Score. Control your room.

15 reviews for MAD RockScore

Verified ownerVerified owner

I also purchased Rock N Funk, & between both of them i have all the drum sounds i could ever need!

2 months ago
David L.
David L.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Very flexible and useful

4 months ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

The expressive power of this drum is wonderful!

1 year ago
David Lawson
David Lawson
Verified ownerVerified owner

I've been in the business for a while, back in the day, when the choices of kits were limited, I got into sampling and it soon became apparent that the more detail included in your snare drum patch, for example, the more realistic the result. The MAD guys have nailed this and you can tell the enormous amount of work, tweaking and fine tuning that has gone into these superb kits.

1 year ago
Alfredo Alonso
Alfredo Alonso
Verified ownerVerified owner

Just incredible. It is an amazing sound, like a real dummer playing inside to your computer.

Like a musician, I want to say thanks, I just need to write music, because the drum sound is done thanks to MAD Rockscore

1 year ago

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